Photos of Tornado Wire products 'in action' in Grizedale Forest

I was commissioned by Tornado Wire. Their designer was keen for the images to show graft, in an almost 'survivalist' style, getting across Tornado Wire's understanding of their customers' needs. RH & CL Bell, the contractors were more than happy to help out with a location shoot. The day also includes a staged shoot with a Land Rover using Tornado Wire staff and group portrait for a delegation of Tornado Wire customers.
"Will has been a pleasure to work with; he is affable, punctual and reliable, he has engaged fully with our projects, and has provided an excellent service at a competitive price. The finished product was just what we wanted and was promptly delivered; a combination of technical and action photographs, skilfully edited and in keeping with our brief. We would definitely recommend his services, for both technical product shoots and more creative, external projects."
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Portraits of founder David Jones for Fusion Go Ltd.

This project is best explained by David himself:
"I was looking for some photos that help create a vibe for my new company. That company, Fusion Go, is all about helping entrepreneurs establish their company and grow their business. Will’s approach was positive and proactive. He was a pleasure to work with and the photos look great."
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Photos of Blomfields for Dobbies Garden Centre Magazine

The Blomfields are the main supplier of bedding plants for Dobbies national chain of garden centres and I was asked to photograph the family in their huge greenhouses just outside Whitehaven for an article in Dobbies' magazine.
“It was a pleasure working with Will to get the portraits we needed for Dobbies Magazine, and we were very happy with the results. The imagery in the magazine, and on their website looks fab!”
Elaine at Immediate Media Co.
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Editorial Portrait for ABC Ltd. on behalf of Cogent Breeding.

Working with Ian was a lot of fun. Although being a farmer, time was of the essence, so the portrait needed to be taken quickly. I had time to set a flash up in the preferred location and get a few poses shot there, and we also found a little bit of time for a few more light-hearted shots.
"Professional, prompt and efficient, very attentive and delivered the shots that I needed to a deadline."
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Conferences and Seminars for Innovus

Providing photography for events such as this requires a variety of approaches, focussing on the small interactions and the bigger picture and being affable but not intrusive. As well as taking photographs at these events I was providing a regularly updated image-stream on social media.
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Albion Square Groundbreaking Ceremony

The symbolic planting of the first shovel in the ground allows for interesting compositions built around the prop. It was an honour to be asked to provide the photography at a flagship local development. The weather wasn't great and space at the location was tight but I was able to turn these to an advantage using a wide-angle lens.
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Personal Projects

I have an ambition to take my camera everywhere I go, even going light on clothes and other stuff when traveling, so I can pack more camera gear into my luggage. Whether I'm visiting friends or just wandering into town in Whitehaven, I'll usually have a camera with me.

I take advantage of the opportunities I get for photography by giving myself projects in my spare time, whether it's to add something to my portfolio, try out a new piece of equipment, develop my profession or simply because I can't bear to go somewhere interesting and not come back with good images.

Tour de Moor Cycle Race 2014

Spoken with a Cumbrian accent, this rhymes. I feel I picked out a good location for the Tour de Moor, as the cyclists passed by me twice, once on a slight bend at full-speed, and once coming uphill (tip for photographing cycle races, they go a lot slower coming uphill and are easier to photograph). I also used two cameras for this, one telephoto in my hand for the close-ups and one wide-angle placed by the side of the road on a tripod and fired in bursts as the cyclists passed by using a remote release. [link type="Section" id="769296"]the full story...[/link]
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My Dad lives and works in Brussels so in July 2014 I went out there for a weekend. It's a great city and I'd recommend it to anyone, because it is the centre of the EU people tend to assume it will be full of bureaucrats and picture it as dull, so if you do go I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Also Belgian cuisine is probably the best in the world. I also took an afternoon out to visit the town of La Roche in the Ardennes.
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